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Monday, November 23, 2015

Travel the World's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that special time of year again when Christmas songs play on store sound systems non-stop and it's time to find that impossible person to shop for the perfect holiday gift.  If that person loves to travel the world, one of these 10 holiday gifts for travelers is sure to bring them some Christmas cheer.  If you're the impossible-to-shop-for traveler, add these great travel gifts to your Amazon wish list and make things easier for your friends and family.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

15 Things to See in Ireland for Your Road Trip Itinerary

Kylemore Abbey Things to See in Ireland Road Trip Itinerary
Kylemore Abbey
A trip to Ireland isn’t really complete unless you take a road trip through the country.  There are so many things to see in Ireland including Irish castles, historic sites, and beautiful scenery.  Add to that cute towns and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  We traveled clockwise as our Ireland road trip itinerary took us from Dublin to Kilkenny, Waterford, Kinsale, and Galway, with lots of stops in between.  A what to see in Ireland list could go on forever, but here are some of the top things to see in Ireland on a road trip.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Civil War Battlefields in One: Manassas Northern Virginia

Henry Hill Visitor Center Manassas National Battlefield Park Northern Virginia
The visitor center stands on Henry Hill.
The east coast is riddled with Civil War battlefields, but for a Southern California couple, Civil War battlefields aren’t something we see every day.  So how do you choose which Civil War battlefield to cross the country to visit?  Gettysburg is probably the most popular Civil War battlefield for travelers to visit as it is the location of one of the most important battles and was the turning point for the Union.  But Gettysburg isn’t your only choice.  Northern Virginia has a Civil War battlefield that was the site of not just one, but two very important Civil War battles.  At the Manassas National Battlefield Park in Northern Virginia, you can learn about and explore the battlefields of these two important Civil War battles and also enjoy the natural beauty of this member of the National Park Service.  These two battlefields are also a conveniently short drive from Washington, D.C.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Travel Tip: Offsite Airport Parking

San Diego Airport Mural Offsite Airport Parking
Our home airport, San Diego (SAN).
Three things most of us dread being asked by friends and family are to borrow money, help move, and drop off and pick up at the airport.  We can’t help you get out of all three of those dreaded requests, but we can help with one of them.  The next time you need to get to the airport, instead of asking your loved ones to wake up before the crack of dawn to get you to the airport in time for your 6:00 a.m. flight, consider reserving an offsite airport parking spot through Global Airport Parking.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Best of Orange County: St. Regis Monarch Beach Golf Links

Monarch Beach Golf Links Hole 3 St. Regis Monarch Beach Dana Point

Of the miles and miles of beach and bluff along the California coastline, very little of it is actually utilized as golf course.  Think about it, Torrey Pines in my neck-of-the-woods, Carmel with Pebble Beach, Spyglass, etc. up in Northern California, and just a handful of others. As far as Orange County Golf Courses go, Monarch Beach Golf Links, the golf course of The St. Regis Monarch Beach, is the only one I know bordered by ocean and is clearly one of the best Dana Point golf courses. Should you happen to be in Southern California for say the Pageant of the Masters or what-have-you, you would be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable track than this coastal gem.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Spooky New Orleans: Cemetery Tours

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 New Orleans Cemetery Tours

I love cemeteries and whenever we see cemeteries when we travel, we always stop to explore.  New Orleans’ cemeteries are famous for their history, beauty, and uniqueness.  We joined two New Orleans cemetery tours to learn why New Orleans’ cemeteries are so unique.

Monday, October 19, 2015

10 Things to Do in Dublin Ireland

Guinness moustache selfie at the Guinness Storehouse.
Ireland is one of those destinations for which there seems to always be airfare deals.  Years ago, when we were lucky if we were able to make one international trip a year, we almost had to go a year without.  But then we found a crazy airfare deal to Dublin, and all of a sudden we were heading to Ireland for the holidays.  Some travelers limit their travels to capital cities.  While there are many things to do in Dublin and it is a great capital city, Dublin should really be a starting point for exploring Ireland rather than the only destination.