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Monday, May 2, 2016

Three of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Yuma Arizona

Arrachera Sonorense Duron's El Zarape Grille Best Mexican Restaurants in Yuma AZ

As residents of San Diego, when we hear someone say they “ate at the best Mexican restaurant” in some state in the middle of the country, or even in the middle of California, we nod and smile, but we sometimes have our doubts about how good that Mexican food could have really been.  With our close proximity to the Mexican border, we know what good Mexican food tastes like.  We’ve also learned from our travels that while indeed there are some really good Mexican restaurants around the country, Mexican food is one of those ethnic foods that somehow loses its traditional and authentic flavors the farther away it is made from its homeland, and therefore there are a lot of bad Mexican restaurants.  On a recent weekend trip to Yuma, a city also close to the Mexican-American border, we decided to take on the challenge of finding the best Mexican restaurants in Yuma.  We ate at four and, while all were good, three of them made our list.  These three Yuma Mexican restaurants are completely different from each other and special in their own ways.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Eastern California Astrophotography: Beautiful Bishop at Night

With so much light pollution in the sky, there aren’t many opportunities for astrophotography when traveling, especially when visiting cities.  When we decided to head out to Bishop in Eastern California this winter, we were excited by the idea of trying out some night photography since, as the city of Bishop is only one square mile, it is pretty easy to get away from the lights without having to travel very far.  During our explorations, we found some great places for astrophotography in Bishop.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Essigbrätlein: Nuremberg’s Two Michelin Star Restaurant

Second Course Essigbrätlein Nuremberg’s Two Michelin Star Restaurant

We love a good Michelin-starred restaurant.  We’re starting to tick Michelin-starred restaurants off our list like some do countries, UNESCO sites, and national parks.  I promise we’re not complete food snobs who only eat at expensive restaurants, and we enjoyed our fair share of sausages and langos from the European Christmas Markets before eating lunch at Nuremberg’s two Michelin star restaurant Essigbrätlein.  But after dining at Michelin-starred restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark and Gothenburg in Sweden, we’ve really developed a taste for being culinarily spoiled by the world’s top chefs, and we were excited to have the opportunity to dine at Essigbrätlein, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Germany and the only restaurant with two Michelin stars in Nuremberg.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Preserved History Sites to See in Yuma

Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge Things to Do in Yuma History

We visited Yuma for the second time, this time to attend Yuma Lettuce Days.  We had already crossed a lot of the things to do in Yuma off our list when we explored Yuma’s historic districts, but one thing we hadn’t done on our first visit to Yuma was visit the Sanguinetti House Museum, so we decided to add that to our itinerary.  Through our visit to the museum, a historic walking tour offered by the museum, and our stay at the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel, we learned more about the great job the city of Yuma has done in preserving many of its historic sites.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Best DSLR Camera Backpack I Wish I Hadn’t Needed

Tenba in Bishop California Best DSLR Camera Backpack Review

Allow me to provide you with my review of the most versatile, easily configurable, best DSLR camera backpack for travel . . .

Actually, may I first give you the sob story of why I needed a new camera backpack in the first place?

Monday, April 4, 2016

California Route 66 Road Trip Attractions

Route 66 Through the Mojave Desert California Route 66 Road Trip Attractions

Route 66 was created to get people from Chicago to Los Angeles.  Route 66 was a popular road trip route in the 1950s, but with the creation of interstate highways, Route 66 became obsolete and the towns along it couldn’t survive being bypassed.  While Route 66 went all the way to Los Angeles, following the original Route 66 through western California is pretty impossible.  However, there are long stretches of California’s Route 66 in the eastern part of the state, especially between Victorville and Needles.  We decided to start the New Year by celebrating Route 66’s 90th anniversary with a short Route 66 road trip and drove as much of California’s remaining Route 66 route as possible.  While we drove Route 66, we visited a number of California’s Route 66 road trip attractions along the way.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Packing Tips and Travel Style: PACK Gear

PACK Gear Folded

There are lots of different travel packing styles.  Some travelers roll their clothes.  Some use packing cubes.  Some fold their clothes in an intricate overlapping fashion which could rival origami.  Some just throw everything into a suitcase and sit on it until it zips shut.  We recently tried out a new style of organized packing with PACK Gear to see what kind of difference it could make in our travel packing style.