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Romeo and Katherine Belarmino of Travel the World Travel Blog
We are not full-time travelers.  We have full-time, non-travel-related jobs.  Katherine is your somewhat average American female with a husband, a mortgage, and two small dogs. Her job gives her a few weeks of paid time off a year.  Romeo owns his own business so has a little more flexibility on when he can get away.  In between travels, we save and plan for the next trip and hopefully take a few weekend breaks as well.

Because our travel time is somewhat limited, we make the most of our time at a destination by researching and creating a detailed itinerary before setting foot on a plane.  For us, travel is not for relaxing, it is for experiencing everything we can from the most touristy, well-known locations to the more obscure activities.  Our adventures are varied, from walking around city streets and exploring tourist sites to more adventurous activities like hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking, or activities that allow us to learn more about a culture, like visiting markets, taking cooking classes, and eating and drinking where the locals go.  While most of our adventures are enjoyed on our own, we know there are benefits to tours and learning from the locals rather than just guidebooks, so we also join docent-led tours in museums, hire private guides for more local insight, and join small group tours.

Our travel style is certainly not for everyone.  Travel the World is about sharing all of our travel experiences so you can pick and choose those that interest you.  Our ultimate goal with Travel the World is to feed your travel bug and help you realize that, even with a job and responsibilities, you too can travel the world.  If you want it enough and plan carefully, travel is possible.

So join us in our journeys and travel the world!

(To learn about how Katherine's love of travel started, read her post How It All Began.)