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Friday, April 18, 2014

Worry-Free Travel with SOS World Pass

SOS World Pass Great Wall of China

UPDATE: Unfortunately, SOS World Pass is no longer in business.

The fine folks at SOS World Pass gave me the SOS World Pass Bundle to test out for our recent trip to China.  While I thankfully did not have to use my SOS World Pass for any emergency situations, it was still reassuring to have it with me.  The Backup Passport, on the other hand, did get some use, and I would suggest getting the SOS World Pass Bundle for your next international trip.

The SOS World Pass Bundle is just a piece of paper.  But it is a unique piece of paper that does a number of things. 
  • The SOS World Pass contains a translated message in the language of the country you are visiting in case of an emergency.  The message states that you need help and asks for assistance contacting or finding the nearest US Embassy.  It also contains important phone numbers, including police, emergency medical, and the US Embassy.  It also provides your name, date of birth, medical conditions, drug allergies, and emergency contact information.
  • The Food Allergy Alert Card lists any food allergies translated into the language of the country visited.  Whether you have an allergy to milk, wheat, eggs, strawberries, or something else, the Food Allergy Alert Card will ensure you can easily communicate these concerns and avoid having an allergic reaction while abroad.
  • The Backup Passport allows you to leave your passport in the hotel safe to prevent it from being stolen or lost while still always having a copy on your person.  In China travelers are actually required to have their passports on them at all times.  However, all of our guides strongly advised us never to carry our passports with us, but to rather carry a copy.  I felt much more at ease carrying my Backup Passport. Also, there are some places like the National Museum of China which allow travelers to enter for free with a passport.  These places accepted my Backup Passport as proof of nationality with no issues whatsoever.

SOS World Pass Coaster
You might be wondering why you would want SOS World Pass to make a copy of your passport when you could easily make one at home.  The answer is because the SOS World Pass is printed on ultrathin, waterproof, tear-proof, synthetic paper which was originally designed for underwater field manuals for the US Navy SEALS.  I didn’t submerge my SOS World Pass underwater, but I did test its durability by trying to tear it and I even used it as a coaster for my beer, all with no effect.  Having these important documents printed on such durable paper ensures they are always readable, even if you get caught in the rain or spill your beverage.

Having an SOS World Pass Bundle provides peace of mind while traveling.  With SOS World Pass you will have emergency contact numbers and proof of identity close at hand as well as the ability to communicate any medical issues or food allergies when necessary.  SOS World Pass has partnered with Travel the World to offer readers a 25% discount on all orders when using the promo code TravelTheWorld.

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