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Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: SiXT rent a car Denmark

SiXT rent a car Denmark
Our SiXT rent a car in front of Viby's windmill.
As I mentioned in my post about our Denmark road trip, I believe the best way to really get to know a country is by getting away from the big popular cities and driving through the countryside.  For our road trip through Denmark, we chose SiXT rent a car for our car rental.  Here are the reasons why you should take a road trip through Denmark and rent your car from SiXT.

Rental Cars are Cheap in Denmark

Everything is expensive in Denmark.  There’s just no getting around it.  Hotels are expensive.  Food is expensive.  A lunch of hot dogs for two at a roadside gas station can cost up to $40.  But the one thing we found in Denmark that was affordable was a car rental.  All in, a compact four-door manual car with air conditioning was $180 for eight days in April.  (SiXT did provide us with an upgrade as a media rate.)  These rates will go up in the busier season of course, but Denmark car rental rates are still comparable to other destinations, while hotel and food prices are much more expensive. 

A tip when renting a car from SiXT is to pick up the car at the Copenhagen City Centre location instead of the Copenhagen airport.  We spent a few nights in Copenhagen before heading out on our road trip across Denmark, so we did not need a rental car immediately. I found the rental car price dropped significantly by choosing to pick the car up at the Copenhagen City Centre location instead of the airport.  Also, for less than $20, your SiXT rental car can be delivered straight to your hotel, alleviating the need to pay for transportation from your hotel to the car rental location.  We loved this option as we were able to take our time eating breakfast, checking out of our hotel, and loading our luggage into the car before hitting the road.

Also, since Denmark is a small country, you can cover a lot of territory on very little gas.   If you have a credit card that covers car rental insurance, another way to save money is to decline the extra insurance, as there is no need to pay for it if your credit card will cover you.

Denmark is Easy to Navigate

For us Americans, the Danes drive on the correct side of the road.  No need to worry about shifting with your left hand or driving on the wrong side of the street.  Roads are wide, well maintained, and road signs are easy to follow.  We brought our Garmin GPS with Denmark map loaded and were able to navigate the country with no issues.

It was also easy to drive in the cities, even Copenhagen.  The roads are not very crowded and everyone follows the driving rules, unlike in some places like Rome or New York City.  We also never had an issue finding parking.

Denmark Has So Much to Offer Outside of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a wonderful city, and there are many things to do in Copenhagen.  However, there are some not to be missed Denmark sites that cannot be found in Copenhagen.  The best cathedral in Denmark, Roskilde Domkirke, is found in Roskilde.  The best palace in Denmark, Frederiksborg Slot, is found in Hillerød.  One of Denmark’s most picturesque towns is Ribe.  One of the most fascinating historical sites, Vikingemuseet Ladby, a Viking age ship grave, is practically in the middle of nowhere.  Without a rental car, you will most likely not see these must-see sites.

Plus, as I mentioned above, Denmark is expensive, especially Copenhagen.  By traveling around the rest of Denmark, you will also be able to save some money as food and accommodations are a bit less throughout the country than in Denmark’s most popular city, Copenhagen.  In addition to Copenhagen, we also spent time in Odense, Aarhus, Ribe, and Roskilde.  While Roskilde is near Copenhagen, we found that Roskilde was a great place to base ourselves when exploring northern Zealand.

Some of our stops during our Denmark road trip.

So if you plan a trip to Denmark, try to take a road trip through the rest of the country instead of just staying in Copenhagen.  You’ll find some incredible memories on the road.  And when you do plan that Denmark road trip, I suggest renting from SiXT rent a car Denmark.

Thank you to SiXT rent a car Denmark for providing us with our rental car and making this post possible.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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