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Monday, July 18, 2016

TraxPack Luggage: The Luggage That Climbs Stairs

Luggage has come a long, long way.  Remember when they first put wheels on luggage and you didn’t have to carry it around by its handle anymore?  Then came the spinners, yet another miracle that made moving luggage around even easier.  Now the next great thing in luggage is coming, and that is the ability to climb stairs.

Have you ever arrived at your hotel to find a set of marble stairs leading up to the entrance?  I hate dragging my luggage up those stairs!  Or how about the hotel that doesn’t have an elevator and you have to lug your luggage up a few flights of stairs?  Usually Rome ends up taking multiple trips to bring up both his luggage and mine.

TraxPack has found a way to make it easier to get luggage up flights of stairs.  TraxPack luggage has the TraxPack Track System, a track system kind of like tank tread, which allows the luggage to be pulled up a flight of stairs. 

Another feature of TraxPack luggage that helps the luggage climb stairs is the tilting handle.  The tilting handle not only helps make climbing stairs possible, it also adds to the maneuverability when using the spinner wheels.

TraxPack Luggage

TraxPack luggage has a lot of other innovations too.  You can track your TraxPack with the Baggage Positioning System, which tracks the bag from city to city, and the Proximity Sensor, which alerts you when it’s on its way to baggage claim.

Another great feature is a built-in luggage scale so there’s never a question of how much your luggage weighs and if it will be overweight.  It also has built-in TSA locks.

TraxPack is also built with your electronics in mind.  The luggage has a mobile device stand to prop up your devices during your layover, and it also has two USB ports and can charge two devices.  The power pack is removable and can charge a phone up to eight times.

This article has been sponsored by TraxPack.  To learn more about TraxPack, visit their website.

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