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Monday, September 19, 2016

Eating Healthy (And Good!) at the Restaurants of Conejo Valley

Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

Southern California, especially the Los Angeles area, has a reputation for eating healthy.  People in other parts of the country are sure we eat avocados and alfalfa sprouts all day.  Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and every other health choice can be found here.  Vacation is the most difficult time to stick to a special diet as it is sometimes hard to find items that fit within a diet when eating out.  During our weekend getaway to Conejo Valley, we were struck by how easy it was to eat well and eat healthy.  No matter your dietary restrictions or choices, you’ll be able to find a meal that fits your needs and tastes delicious at the restaurants of Conejo Valley. 

Westlake Village Restaurants

Jeannine’s Gourmet Food Hall

Jeannine's Gourmet Food Hall Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

Jeannine’s Gourmet Food Hall in Westlake Village is like a glammed-up diner with some random food kiosks like a ramen shop, coffee shop, juice bar, and cocktail bar. 

Westlake Omelet Jeannine's Gourmet Food Hall Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

We visited Jeannine’s Gourmet Food Hall for breakfast and I had the Westlake Omelet with goat cheese, asparagus, and spinach served with a side of colorful home-style potatoes that were purple and orange, salty, and perfectly cooked.


Lemonade Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

After our visit to Conejo Valley, I learned that Lemonade has locations throughout California.  Lemonade is healthy fast food.  Grab a tray, head down the line, and choose your items from behind the glass.  Choices include items like Chinese long beans and ahi tuna and avocado poke (there are those California avocados!).  Of course, a meal at Lemonade isn’t complete without a delicious lemonade.

Agoura Hills Restaurants

Hugo’s Restaurant

Market Hall Agoura Hills Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

The healthiest dining of our trip was at Hugo’s Restaurant.  Hugo’s is located in the Market Hall in Agoura Hills.  They call their meals “stealthy healthy” and we completely agree.  The menu is eclectic, with entrees inspired by cuisines from around the world.  The menu has an easy to follow legend showing which entries are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, contain nuts, or can be made vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free with some easy substitutions.

Hugo's Restaurant Agoura Hills Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

Rome went with the Tikka Masala Plate, which he had with chicken but could have been vegetarian or vegan.  I had an Asian-inspired soup, but I made it gluten free with kelp noodles, which added a surprising and pleasing texture.

Wildflour Bakery & Café

Wildflour Bakery & Cafe Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

There’s nothing more beautiful in the morning than the sight of freshly baked pastries.  Wildflour Bakery & Café in Agoura Hills bakes their bread and pastries fresh daily with GMO-free ingredients.  In addition to bread, pastries, pies, and cakes, Wildflour Bakery & Café serves other healthy options using locally sourced produce.

Ladyface Ale Companies

Ladyface Ale Companies Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

Brewery menus are usually filled with fried greasy foods that, let’s face it, nicely complement a cold beer.  However, Ladyface Ale Companies’ menu includes items made with seasonal local produce.  Menu items are marked with symbols when they are vegan or ovo-lacto vegetarian.  If you don’t want to stick with the healthy options, there are some good-quality items worthy of a splurge on the menu like the Duck Confit Baguette with thick-sliced bacon.

Thousand Oaks Restaurants

Sabor Cocina Mexicana

Sabor Cocina Mexicana Thousand Oaks Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

Sabor Cocina Mexicana is a vibrant restaurant serving modern Mexican fare in The Lakes at Thousand Oaks shopping center.  Menus are enclosed in embossed leather, tables are made with thick lacquered wood, huge chandeliers hang overhead decorated with blown glass red hearts, and dividers are curtains of small clay pots.

Mexican food doesn’t always equate to being healthy food, but Sabor Cocina Mexicana has some menu items that lean towards the health side.  We started with a refreshing Street Salad, a combination of jicama, cucumber, fruit, chile, and lime. 

Callo de Hacha Sabor Cocina Mexicana Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

I had the mouthwatering Callo de Hacha with seared scallops served on a mixture of spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles, corn crema, and queso fresco.  I’ve had a lot of scallop entrees in my life, but this one took the prize with its surprising mixture of flavors.

Chile Relleno de Marisco Sabor Cocina Mexicana Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

Romeo had Chile Relleno de Marisco, a roasted chile stuffed with white fish, shrimp, roasted corn, cheese, and onions, surrounded by a roasted red pepper sauce.

Mezcalita Sabor Cocina Mexicana Healthy Conejo Valley Restaurants

I accompanied my meal with one of Sabor Cocina Mexicana’s seasonal drinks, a Mezcalita made with Mezcal, orange juice, and a chile salt rim.

We were pleasantly surprised with the healthy options offered by Conejo Valley restaurants.  The great thing about them is that there is something for everyone, so travel companions who aren’t sticklers for health can have a tasty meal too.

Thank you to Conejo Valley Tourism for hosting our weekend getaway and making this post possible.  As always, all opinions are our own.

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