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Friday, September 5, 2014

Hotel Review: Ribe Byferie Holiday Homes

Ribe Byferie Holiday Cottages Denmark

While we were traveling through Denmark we discovered a different kind of traveler accommodation, the holiday home or holiday cottage.  We learned the Danes holiday in a few different ways.  Sometimes they stay in hotels, sometimes they camp, and sometimes they stay in holiday homes or cottages like those at Ribe Byferie.  While we visited Ribe we stayed in one of Ribe Byferie’s holiday homes so we could experience a Danish holiday. 

Ribe Byferie Living Room Denmark

Holiday homes are more like vacation rentals than hotels.  Ribe Byferie is like a little town outside of the town of Ribe.  Vacationers stay in one or two-storied red gabled cottages.  Most visitors at these types of holiday parks are staying for extended periods of time rather than just a day or two. 

Ribe Byferie Bedroom Denmark

Since Danish holiday home renters are usually staying long-term, they are renting more of a home away from home.  Many of Ribe Byferie’s guests bring their own bedding and towels, but linens can also be rented.  Ribe Byferie’s holiday homes also have full kitchens so guests can cook their own meals.  There are even barbecues onsite.  If the fridge isn’t filled, guests can visit reception for coffee and tea, and Ribe Byferie also provides guests with breakfast every morning.  Rather than having a communal dining area, guests pick up a brown bag of bread, yogurt, cheese, juice, and more to enjoy in their private dining rooms.

Ribe Byferie Kitchen Denmark

Ribe Byferie’s holiday cottages are perfect for couples and families.  Houses come in different sizes, fitting anywhere from two to seven people.  We stayed in a downstairs unit with one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, full kitchen and dining room, and large patio.  Families on a budget can have the comfort of a hotel, but more room, and save by bringing their own linens and cooking their own meals. 

Ribe Byferie Playground Denmark

When you’re not spending time sightseeing around the charming town of Ribe, there are a number of activities within the Ribe Byferie property.  Guests can enjoy the solariums, spas, saunas, playroom, library, Internet café, games, and playground.  Ribe Byferie is surrounded by a meadow with trees perfect for strolling.  There are also bicycles and canoes to rent.

Ribe Byferie Holiday Homes Denmark

We only got a taste of the Danish holiday since we stayed at Ribe Byferie for just one night, but it was fun seeing how some Danes holiday.  Turning our key in the bright red door, relaxing in our living room drinking a cold beer we bought at the store, somehow it felt like we were living in Denmark, even if for just one day.

Thank you to Ribe Byferie for providing us with a reduced rate and making this post possible.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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