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Monday, March 14, 2016

The French Quarter’s New Orleans Hotel Collection

Hotel Le Marais Pool New Orleans French Quarter Hotels

When traveling to New Orleans, or “The Big Easy,” the best way to be part of all the action is to stay right in the middle of it all, in the French Quarter.  The New Orleans Hotel Collection has five French Quarter hotels from which to choose, all having their own unique vibe.  Whether guests are looking for old world elegance, funky modern, luxury, or secluded quiet, the New Orleans Hotel Collection has the perfect accommodations.

Hotel Mazarin

Hotel Mazarin Courtyard New Orleans French Quarter Hotels

Hotel Mazarin has that boutique hotel feel.  All rooms surround a brick courtyard where guests are lulled by the soothing sounds of the central fountain.  As the rooms open to the interior courtyard, the hotel is quiet and relaxing even though Bourbon Street is a half-block away.  Rooms are luxurious with dark stone floors, Oriental rugs, and dark wood furniture with gold trim.  The hotel is widely known for its spectacular buffet breakfast.  

Hotel Mazarin boasts two of New Orleans' best hotel bars, though it would be easy to miss the fact that they are actually part of the hotel.  Patrick’s Bar Vin is run by the sweetheart of the French Quarter, Patrick Van Hoorebeeck, who makes everyone who comes into his bar feel like family.  Patrick’s Bar Vin is one of only two wine bars in the cocktail sea of the French Quarter and provides a relaxing atmosphere for travelers who want to sit back and sip a nice glass of wine.  21st Amendment Bar at La Louisiane is inspired by the speakeasies of old, serving craft cocktails and entertaining with live music. 

Hotel Le Marais

Hotel Le Marais Vive! Bar New Orleans French Quarter Hotels

Hotel Le Marais is a chic, trendy, funky, and slightly psychedelic hotel, which is appealing to a younger crowd, but works for all ages.  The lobby, Vive! bar, and outdoor pool area are bathed in purple lights at night.  Hotel Le Marais is the more modern of The New Orleans Hotel Collection’s lineup with large comfortable rooms.  While very modern, Hotel Le Marais still has a cozy feel with the intimate saltwater pool surrounded by red brick and purple lounge chairs.

Bourbon Orleans

Bourbon Orleans Lobby New Orleans French Quarter Hotels

Bourbon Orleans has a more formal feel, with an expansive, luxurious lobby.  The building has a varied historic past, having once been a convent and school, then a theater and ballroom, and also the state legislature.  Some of the rooms are balcony suites that overlook the French Quarter, with some looking onto Bourbon Street.  Bourbon Orleans has the only craft cocktail bar on Bourbon Street.  While Bourbon Street has an abundance of sugary sweet Hurricanes and Huge Ass Beers, Bourbon “O” strives to stand apart from the Bourbon Street crowd by offering New Orleans cocktails with unique and high-quality ingredients that won’t cause a headache in the morning. 

Dauphine Orleans

Dauphine Orleans is on quiet Dauphine Street one block up from Bourbon Street.  It is amazing the difference one block can make.  For travelers who want to be near the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter, but also want to be able to get away to their own little quiet sanctuary, The New Orleans Hotel Collection properties on Dauphine Street are the way to go.  Dauphine Orleans’ accommodations are split between three historic buildings, the Main House, Carriage House, and Hermann House Courtyard.  Dauphine Orleans’ bar, May Baily’s Place, is steeped in history as it was once a bordello of the red light district.

Audubon Cottages

Audubon Cottages is the smallest and most boutique of The New Orleans Hotel Collection’s French Quarter hotels.  Audubon Cottages offers seven one and two-bedroom historic Creole cottages for guests with private or semi-private courtyards.  Audubon Cottage One has the unique distinction of being the former residence of John James Audubon while he wrote his Birds of America series.  Like Dauphine Orleans, Audubon Cottages is located on the quiet Dauphine Street. 

This article first appeared in The Hotel Guide.

Thank you to the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau and the New Orleans Hotel Collection for hosting our trip to New Orleans and making this post possible.  As always, all opinions are my own.  For updates on what is going on in New Orleans, follow the New Orleans CVB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramram.

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